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Ghost Radio

Ghost Radio

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The crew of the Ghost, a ragtag group of misfits led by Captain Daniel, is on a routine mission in deep space when they stumble upon a mysterious radio signal. As they investigate, they uncover an array of ancient technology and artifacts, including records, 8-tracks, cassettes, and more, all millions of lightyears away from Earth.


Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover a wormhole, and a radio signal being transmitted through it. Despite the danger, Daniel and his crew embark on a mission to explore the other side of the wormhole and discover who or what is behind the signal.


As they journey through space, the crew encounters a range of challenges and surprises, including hostile aliens and the revelation of a devastating interstellar conflict. Despite the odds, Daniel and his team remain determined to complete their mission and return to Earth to warn of the impending threat.


Filled with snarky characters, humor, and a little bit of hard science, Ghost Radio is the perfect sci-fi adventure for fans of Star Trek, The Orville, and anyone who loves a good space exploration story.


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