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Dragonia: Fall of the Dragons

Dragonia: Fall of the Dragons

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The empire is on the brink of a collapse...

But can the resistance convince the people of Kaeldroga it is time to march… or will they miss their opportunity…

Devarius knows time is fleeting, and the resistance needs to make their move. He sends the heroes of the resistance to all corners of the land to unite everyone together under one banner to face the empire in a last battle. When he arrives in the capital, no one listens to him. He finds himself imprisoned. Meanwhile, his sister across the country is facing a political showdown to convince a well-meaning duke of the corruption of the emperor… a corruption that has betrayed the duke’s family in time’s past.

The fate of all Kaeldroga lies in Devarius’s hands. Will they be able to overcome the empire, or will they fall to another hundred years of tyranny under the emperor’s rule?

If you love Eragon, Dragonriders of Pern, Ezaara, Dragon Blood, Dragon Gate, and every other brilliant dragonrider epic out there, you'll love Dragonia: Fall of the Dragons because... well, dragons. And wyverns, drakes, wyrms, and amphipteres!

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