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Publishing Wide for Authors

Publishing Wide for Authors

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Want to publish your book far and wide? Want it to be on more than just Amazon?

This book is a step by step, how-to guide with pictures for how to publish your book wide.

If you're part of the Wide for the Win mentality and want to Get Your Book Selling Wide, then this is a great resource to walk you through the steps.

It goes over areas like publishing to Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, Smashwords, StreetLib, Barnes and Noble Nook, Google Books, Kobo Writing Life, Apple Books, Authors Republic, Audiobooks Unleashed, ACX, Findaway Voices, Lulu, and IngramSpark.

If you enjoy books by Joanna Penn, Monica Leonelle, Mark Leslie, Andrea Pearson, Brian Meeks, Bryan Cohen, as well as their fantastic podcasts, this may be another to add to your collection to help you further your author career because you deserve to be the best author you can be.
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